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Thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering is a chance for you to get involved in something interesting and worthwhile and gain skills, confidence, make new friends and improve your employment chances.

Timebank UK volunteer Centre Harlow hosts Timebanking - A new way to volunteer!

“Time is the one thing that we can’t save for a rainy day. The only sure thing is that there’s not enough of it”. If you give your time to help others, then why not ‘bank’ it?

Timebanking is a different concept in volunteering. Not everyone can donate money to charities or commit to regular volunteering but most people would still like to help and give time if they can. It is more ad-hoc than regular volunteering and allows you to choose when you’re available and for how long.

When you register you tell us about things you can and are happy to exchange and at the same time, you tell us about anything that you would be interested in receiving in return. This new project is about time exchange. Skills that can be shared to help the whole community at a time where many people cannot afford to buy in those skills.

The good thing is that everyone benefits

For every hour given, the volunteer will accrue time credits. These time credits are ‘banked’ and can be used at another time when that participant needs some assistance.

For example, 3 hours are spent teaching someone to knit can be banked as 3 time credits for a later date to get help with your garden or perhaps some decorating etc.

Help for Everyone – hours can also be donated

For example, a group of employees sign up to Timebanking as a mini group. They spend a day volunteering for a local organisation as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility or Teambuilding programme. The organisation that they are volunteering for will benefit from this by getting a task or several tasks completed on that day. The volunteers that participated can bank those hours or choose to donate them into a community pot so that other people can also benefit from the time they have given. So effectively they’re on double time!!

Who can use the community pot?

The community pot is there to allow those who are less able to still access the Time Bank and receive some help. This may be perhaps older persons or those with a disability who are unable to earn time credits for themselves at that time.

Want to find out more?

There’s no obligation and all that is required to sign up is a short registration form and 2 references. Individuals, Charity Organisations and Businesses can contribute, even if you’re already volunteering. Contact Della Nash 01279 308310 for more details.

Volunteer Centre Harlow is a local voluntary project existing to promote and support volunteering. The Volunteer Centre actively recruits potential volunteers from all sections of the community and places them with local voluntary organisations who are seeking volunteers to help with their work.

We are an equal opportunities project and believe that everyone has the right to volunteer without discrimination. We have information on a great deal of voluntary opportunities available in Harlow and new opportunities arrive daily. Volunteers are needed for a wide range of tasks including clerical help, driving, wheelchair pushing, befriending, fundraising, conservation, working holidays and overseas projects, to name a few.

The Volunteer Centre offers support and information to voluntary groups working with or thinking of involving volunteers. This support also enables us to help promote good practice in working with volunteers and advocate the rights and responsibilities of volunteers.


For more details please contact:

Della Nash, Volunteer Centre Harlow
3 Wych Elm, Harlow.
Essex. CM20 1QP.
Tel: 01279 308310
07910 075101

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